Geotechnical Services

Comprehensive Engineering Services From Industry Experts


Geotechnical Engineering

Our geotechnical engineering services include foundation design and analysis, including shallow and deep foundations; embankment design; site suitability and due diligence; soil improvement and subsurface remediation; and geotechnical considerations for pond and pavement sections.

Forensic Engineering

Our forensic engineering services include nondestructive testing such as geophysical surveys, floor elevation surveys, thermal imaging surveys, and Schmidt hammer testing; as well as destructive testing including construction materials coring, observation test pits, standard penetration test borings, and hand cone penetrometers. Also included are other limited field and laboratory testing and engineering evaluations and conclusions.

We provide peer review and engineering expertise for litigation support. James LaCava, P.E., and Jeanne Berg, P.E. are state-certified Neutral Evaluators.


Materials Engineering

Our materials engineering services include construction observation including vibration monitoring and evaluation, structural condition assessment reports, subsurface remediation specifications and observation; deep foundation specifications and observation; observations and/or inspections; and construction materials field and laboratory testing and inspection.